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Click to Enlarge PhotoThe main advantages of the Expanding and Shrinking methods are the capability of producing parts that are otherwise impossible or impractical to make, and the saving of money realized by:

(1) Elimination of expensive machines such as presses with complicated cam action single purpose dies, high speed tracer lathes, multiple forming-welding units, etc.

(2) Drastic reduction in raw material waste. No chips are produced. No machining stock allowance is necessary.

(3) Higher production rates and lower machine operator costs. No special skills are required to operate an Expander or Shrinker.

1. How It's Done
2. The Advantages
3. What Kind Of Part Can Be Made
4. Limitations
5. Tooling
6. Controls
7. Operation
8. Flexibility
9. Consultation/Analysis
10. Investigate


Metal Forming Machines / Expanders / Shrinkers
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