Background / History

In late 70's, Engineer Joe Coleman was working for a major manufacturer of expanding and Shrinking equipment for rolled sheet metal parts. He believed that he could build better machines. He moved back to his home town of Louisville Kentucky and started Coleman Expander Manufacturing Company….or CEMCO.

The company enjoyed immediate success, and over approximately 15 years built many custom Expanders and Shrinkers including Combination machines. After Joe Coleman's untimely passing in 1992, the company was put up for sale by his heirs. David Baughman, a Louisville entrepreneur, purchased the company from the family and added it to his other Baughman Group companies that were already in the equipment manufacturing and repair business. John Mott's, the companies chief engineer came along with the deal and continued to design high quality reliable expanders with the same philosophy that Joe Coleman had instilled in the company culture. CEMCO utilizes the services of Hancock Machine and Tool to manufacture parts. Hancock is a Baughman Group Company that has some of the largest computer controlled machine tools in their region.

The company continues today both building new custom equipment and providing parts and maintenance for existing machines world-wide.


Metal Forming Machines / Expanders / Shrinkers
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