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Click to Enlarge PhotoRe-evaluate your present manufacturing methods and equipment with the aim of utilizing CEMCO Expanding and Shrinking methods. We suggest a degree of imagination when reviewing components, with the aim of selecting those that could be better and more economically produced by our methods. Don't limit your thinking just because a part has always been made in a traditional manner does not mean that there's not a better way to do the job. Contact us for an analysis of your present methods. Send us prints of any part that you desire to have analyzed for suitability to CEMCO processing methods.

Replace outdated machines and methods with versatile, up-to-date CEMCO forming and sizing equipment.

1. How It's Done
2. The Advantages
3. What Kind Of Part Can Be Made
4. Limitations
5. Tooling
6. Controls
7. Operation
8. Flexibility
9. Consultation/Analysis
10. Investigate


Metal Forming Machines / Expanders / Shrinkers
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