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Click to Enlarge PhotoForgings, castings and die-formed sheet metal shapes have all been re-designed so as to be formable by Expanders and Shrinkers… often with spectacular savings.

The part itself determines which process will be used. Normally, Expanding will be used if possible; if not, the Shrinker method will be considered. If this will not do, then a Combination Expander-Shrinker will be used.

The thinner wall sheet metal parts, 12 to 20 gauge particularly, are suitable for radial forming. Heavier rings and cylinders, above ¼ to ½ inch stock, are generally sized only. Parts as light as 30 gauge and as heavy as 2 ˝ inch wall thickness are successfully expanded.

Hot forming is routinely done by the Expanding and Shrinking processes. Some materials, notably Titanium alloys, have poor cold forming capabilities, but at 1200° to 1400° F work very satisfactorily. Other super-alloys, aluminum extrusions, ring forgings, etc., are rolled or extruded hot then reformed and sized while still at elevated temperature. Hot forming machine bearing surfaces are protected from the transferred heat by internal water cooling systems.

A partial list of Expanding and Shrinking applications:
Air conditioner compressor cases
Conveyor pulley shells
Electric motor shells
Fan and blower cases
Flange rings
Gear ring blanks
Generator frame rings
Heat exchanger shells
Hot water heater tanks
Jet engine rings, flanges, seals, liners, transitions, tail pipes, etc.
Metal containers
Missile rings, cases, etc.
Pipe couplings
Pipe ends
Pipe bell and spigot rings
Rings; Steel, aluminum, etc.
Rocket motor liners, cases, rings, etc.
Steel drums
Steel piling
Tank ends, shells and heads
Tire molds
Transformer tanks
Tubes, large diameter
Washer and dryer tubs and baskets
Weld Seam Testing
Wheel rims
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