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Click to Enlarge PhotoCEMCO machines are simple to operate. No special operator training, skill or effort is required, although the job must be properly planned. As no torsional or axial forces are applied to the work piece, no external counteracting devices are required. All necessary expansion forces are generated within the machine itself. The workpiece is simply placed over the dies, either manually or by automatic loader, then the machine is put through its expand-dwell-retract cycle, after which the part is removed. The dwell at the fully expanded diameter normally of 1 to 3 seconds duration and serves to better set the work piece.

In certain situations the part may be expanded a second or third time and rotated between expansions. Expanders and Shrinkers function in any position; vertical, horizontal, angular or inverted, depending upon the part size and shape, speed and degree of automation desired.

1. How It's Done
2. The Advantages
3. What Kind Of Part Can Be Made
4. Limitations
5. Tooling
6. Controls
7. Operation
8. Flexibility
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Metal Forming Machines / Expanders / Shrinkers
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