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Click to Enlarge PhotoCEMCO Expanders and Shrinkers are of thoroughly modern design, utilizing the latest engineering advances, metal forming techniques and tooling innovations to give the user the utmost in value. We have complete design flexibility, even in such basics as driver angle, length-diameter ratio, number of die segments, type of function and diameter controls, so as to furnish a machine completely appropriate to the users requirement, as opposed to being tied to one design and attempting to adapt it to all applications.

For example: A standard production machine would include such premium features as replaceable Aluminum-Bronze wear plates on Master Jaw and Table Key-Slot surfaces, automatic forced grease lubrication to both Jaw-Driver and Table-Jaw Key surfaces, Air Hardening Tool Steel Driver, Automatic Electrical Push-Button Control, etc., but we would not propose such feature to the user having only limited service requirements, very light work, low production, etc.

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2. The Advantages
3. What Kind Of Part Can Be Made
4. Limitations
5. Tooling
6. Controls
7. Operation
8. Flexibility
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